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Candidate for Hospital Board at Large, Seat 2

Building excellence through innovation and education

About Laurie

Our family has enjoyed every major holiday in Sarasota for almost 50 years. Now that my husband and I have sold our company we are excited to make Sarasota our year-round home and would welcome the opportunity to become active members in the community. I am running for the Hospital Board because excellent Healthcare is of critical importance to our community and my skills and experience would add fresh ideas and innovative thinking to the Sarasota Memorial Hospital, (SMH), Board. I would look forward to leveraging my 30 years of experience co-founding and running the largest publisher of National Science Foundation funded, research-based STEM curricula for K-12. SMH is already ranked as one of the top 57 hospitals in America. I believe that my background in innovation and education can help SMH strive for even higher goals.

SMH plays a vital role in all of our lives. “The Sarasota Memorial Health Care System, an 839-bed regional medical center, is among the largest public health systems in Florida. With almost 7,000 staff, it is Sarasota County’s largest employer. The hospital's Medical Staff includes more than 1,400 credentialed providers who represent 60 specialties. Over 750 members of the community contribute their time and skills as volunteers”.  As such, the SMH must be cherished. We must maintain and build on the qualities that have allowed it to become a magnet hospital ranked among the top 57 hospitals in the nation. In fact, I believe that that striving for excellence is paramount- let's try to be in the top 15”. 

My number one priority as a Board Member would be to ensure that patient and provider well-being are always paramount. As such, I support the current vision of SMH as a teaching hospital. Teaching hospitals attract the best talent and keep participants immersed in the latest health care advances. I also support the expansions to Venice and North Port. Providing stellar regional care is vital for our community’s well-being.  I also would focus on three areas for even greater improvement: 

1) Environmental Preparedness- health impacts from Red Tide, rising sea level and hurricanes,

 2) Improved Patient Experience, 

3) Increased and improved professional development and support for our incredible doctors, nurses, technicians and staff.


Environmental Preparedness

Since 2016 it has become clear that Sarasota and Manatee Counties have been heavily impacted by the warming climate. Category 5 hurricanes Irma and Michael along with sea level rise are forcing us to invest heavily in infrastructure. Rising temperatures and humidity, along with Red Tide, are having severe impacts on human health including the spread of diseases not common in FL until now. It is imperative that the SMH Board anticipates the full impact of climate change and works to harden all brick and mortar infrastructure as well as create strategic reserves including financial reserves and inventories of supplies, equipment and medicines. In addition, we must plan and budget for innovative and educational technologies to help our community adapt to Climate disruption.

Patient Experience

While SMH has received national acclaim, The US News and World Reports,, gives SMH a ranking of 3 out of 5 stars for Patient Experience. While SMH earned 4 out of 5 stars for Satisfaction with the hospital overall: how the patient felt about the hospital stay and discharge overall, and Willingness to Recommend: willingness of patients to recommend this hospital to others, SMH earned 3 out of 5 stars for Satisfaction with Communication with doctor’s communications: how patients rated physicians in listening and explaining in a way that patients could understand. I believe we can improve Patient Experience by researching and implementing modern technology to help doctor/patient communication, appointment scheduling and billing. In addition, we can continue to support our incredible team of medical providers with on-going educational experiences to empower them with the most recent advances in doctor/patient relations.

Provider Well-being

COVID 19 has put increased pressure on our wonderful doctors, nurses and hospital staff. It is crucial that their health and well-being is front and center. While we must continue to provide all essential materials, we must also provide support and space for our providers to thrive. After all, our team of professionals is the heart and soul of SMH. Professional Development opportunities accompanied with the best advancements and breakthroughs will allow us to effectively, efficiently, and fairly provide professional development services to all of our practitioners.

I understand what it takes to inspire an organization for success. I built an award-winning documentary film company and co-founded IAT, an education company that grew to be the largest publisher of National Science Foundation (NSF) funded STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) K-12 math and science curricula. IAT programs are being used by millions of students across the nation and the world. As CEO, I was responsible for Strategic Direction: identifying trends, opportunities and pathways to build success, writing and the successful completion of private and Federal Grants, exceeding financial goals and nurturing our corporate culture. SMH needs board members who will bring strong business knowledge, the ability to inspire innovation and create a positive climate for both patients and healthcare professionals to thrive. That is why I have decided to run for Hospital Board. I would be grateful for your consideration and support.


Like education, healthcare is a bedrock of our community. Knowing how to support and inspire excellence, work with and encourage great leadership, and understand how to support and position an organization to make the critical adjustments that reflect the latest research is crucial. Anticipating our healthcare needs and our opportunities that are available through groundbreaking research and development, technology advances, and potential for cutting edge patient care is paramount. I look forward to bringing my experience to foster a culture of excellence that delivers on our exciting potential for the future. Our doctors, nurses, technicians and staff must receive the support they need through this difficult transition and beyond.

Financial diligence was an essential component of my role as CEO of IAT and taught me the art of balancing growth and profitability. Today, SMH is projecting budget shortfalls resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. While we must address the financial shortfall head-on, we can’t sacrifice the excellent care that we provide to our patients nor can we sacrifice the support that we provide to our doctors, nurses and staff. I believe we have several options.

Short term we can put increased emphasis on both the SMH Foundation with greater outreach to our local and national community and on the development of additional fundraisers to produce incremental revenue. Examples can range from selling masks for athletes that are designed to make it easier to breath and custom software that allows patients to track their wellbeing and symptoms making it easier to communicate with their doctor(s).

Medium term we can bolster our efforts towards securing private, state and federal grant funding.
Long-term we can decrease expenses and generate increased customer satisfaction and incremental revenue by being pro-active and embracing innovation. For example, we have an opportunity to work with the leading software engineers in the tech. communities to become pilot sites and financial participants in emerging technology solutions. These solutions can include both health care improvement applications as well as software that drives efficiencies in both clinical operations and back-office administrative billing and claims. For example, software that allows patients to request/schedule appointments online, software that lets patients and families know when a doctor will visit/call, software that further enhances the Tele-doc options that we currently have in place, software that provides greater patient/doctor communication during environmental/climate related events, and pandemics.


SMH is an invaluable component of our community. We need board members who will bring strong business knowledge, the ability to inspire innovation and create a positive climate for both patients and healthcare professionals to thrive

That is why I have decided to run for Hospital Board.

I would be grateful for your consideration and support.

Candidate for Hospital Board at Large, Seat 2

Laurie Kreindler


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